Friday, April 18, 2014
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4Kids of South Florida - Until Every Child Has a Home! In a recent interview with Sharon Ellington, Community and Business Initiatives Director, she shared a bit of the organization's past and future. See more below.

How has 4Kids of South Florida grown since beginning 15 years ago?
4KIDS of South Florida is celebrating its 15-year anniversary of caring for over 17,000 abused and neglected children and youth. In a relative short period of time, 4KIDS has grown to be one of the largest foster care agencies in Broward County and continues to grow in Palm Beach County. 
In a recent online interview with Diane Biase, Principal at the Best Foot Forward Foundation, she shared some of their success and how they thrive as a result of community support. How has BFF evolved since it began?
BFF began as an agency serving 17.5 year olds and providing educational support as they prepared to age-out of the foster care system. In the past few years we have adjusted our program to include students as young as 8th graders, for two main purposes: to have the time necessary to build a relationship that will remain strong through the aging-out process and to avoid commonly seen problems typically encountered by high school students in foster care such as low GPAs and the need for credit recovery.
Spirit of Giving Network Celebrates Successful Colaboration Benefiting South Florida’s Abused and Neglected Children The Spirit of Giving Network is thrilled to announce that more children in Palm Beach and Broward counties are being better served through the mutually beneficial collaboration between 4KIDS of South Florida and The Jacob S. Zweig Foundation (In Jacob’s Shoes) connection facilitated by the nonprofit.

At a tour of SafePlace 4KIDS recently, representatives from the three nonprofits celebrated the synergy of their connection which will better serve children entering and those already navigating the government foster care system in South Florida.
Literacy Coalition of Palm Beach County How have you seen the need for LC change in the 20+ years since it was founded?

In a recent interview with the Literary Coalition of Palm Beach County, here is what Volunteer and Outreach Coordinator Jeanne Heavilin had to say about the past, present and future of the organization.

The primary focus of the Literacy Coalition in 1989, when it was founded, was on adult literacy. That is always our base as we know the best way to educate children is to ensure that their parents are fluent readers. However, to meet our goal that all adults and children in Palm Beach County read well, we have realized that many diverse programs are needed to reach everyone. Also, in the past twenty years, the need to teach English literacy, in addition to basic reading skills, has increased significantly.

Mayor Susan Whelchel Celebration
Underwriting and Sponsorship Opportunities

Celebrate Mayor Susan Whelchel’s 20 years of service to the city and citizens of Boca Raton with a memorable and fun-filled evening. Proceeds will benefit the Spirit of Giving Network.

When: Wednesday, March 26, 2014
Where: Boca Raton Marriott at Boca Center
Time: 5:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. Business Attire

Individual event tickets are $50 per person
Please click here for online event registration

The Mayor’s Celebration Party is hosted by the Spirit of Giving Network,
a tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.



We are excited to announce that Spirit of Giving has a brand new radio show!

Our very own, Karen Krumholtz will host Forum for Nonprofits every
Sunday on WSBR 740 AM at 6:20am and WWNN 1470 AM at 7:30am.

Don't worry about setting your alarm.
Shows will be available at forumfornonprofits


Krumholtz, Saraco honored for Back to School Bash


At the Back to School Breakfast and Interfaith Prayer Celebration for the American Association of Caregiving Youth were, from left, honorees Karen Krumholtz  and Stephanie Saraco; Connie Siskowski, association president and founder, and Mark Hansen, association board chairman.


Read more: Krumholtz, Saraco honored for Back to School Bash


Community Volunteer Training, Screening & Placement Program

Keeping Our Communities Strong

Volunteerism is the most effective way an individual can strengthen their community. Every nonprofit organization relies on volunteers. And, volunteers seek the right opportunity to use their skills, enhance their lives and support their community. The Spirit of Giving Network’s Community Volunteer Training, Screening & Placement Program brought together nonprofit organizations and potential volunteers to simplify the process--so the focus stays on strengthening the community.

Helping Nonprofit Organizations

The Spirit of Giving Network recognized that all nonprofit organizations go through the same process to assess, train, educate, screen and match volunteers to the right opportunity. The Community Volunteer program takes care of all those steps for the nonprofits. From the application process, FDLE background checks, LiveScan fingerprint processing technology, screening individuals for volunteer suitability, the Community Volunteer program offers a fast, cost-efficient option to recruit, train and screen volunteers while providing nonprofits with a pool of people suited to their needs and ready to offer their time and talent.

Finding the Right Opportunity for You

The Community Volunteer program offers a unique way to get involved, use your experience and learn new skills. The Program presents a variety of opportunities from nonprofit organizations that are appealing and rewarding. Open to the community, it is a great way to decide on your own volunteer schedule and preferred service. You'll meet new friends, boost career options, and develop professional contacts while learning more about the local nonprofits that help your community. A meaningful volunteer experience opens your world to greater possibilities and lets you participate in making a difference.

The Community Volunteer Training, Screening & Placement Program is open to the public and welcomes high school and college students, adults, corporate employees or those looking for an encore career - in fact, anyone looking for a short or long-term volunteer project. The Community Volunteer Program is held every Wednesday 5pm-6pm or 11am- 12pm at the Junior League of Boca Raton Vesgo Community Resource Center.

For more information, please contact Karen Krumholtz at  (561) 299-1205 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .



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