Back to School Bash 2015!

July 8, 2015

With exactly a month until our Back to School Bash, at Spirit of Giving we couldn’t be more excited. This is an event we spend more than half of the year planning; from soliciting sponsors and donors to working on the logistics of finding the event space, making sure every little detail is perfect and more. But what is the Back to School Bash and how can you attend?
What is the Back to School Bash?
The Back To School Bash is an event organized by Spirit of Giving every August to help prepare at-risk children for a new school year. This year we plan to help over 4,000 local area children prepare for a new school year. While Palm Beach County is known as an extremely affluent community, especially Boca Raton, there are still thousands of families who struggle to make ends meet. Our goal through this event is to give brand new supplies, including shoes, backpacks, and notebooks, to children whose families cannot afford to take them to Staples or Office Depot for their annual back-to-school shop.
How can my child attend the event?
At this time, the Back to School Bash is an invite-only event. We select our invitees through dozens of local nonprofit organizations who have elected these children’s needs. Unfortunately we cannot accommodate any outside attendees for the Back to School Bash. However, Boca Raton Regional Hospital will hold their annual Health Carnival in conjunction with our event, and the carnival is open to the public. At the health carnival, children and families can receive free eye exams, dental exams, nutritional education and more.
I have items I want to donate/I want to become a sponsor. How do I do that?
Please email for more information on item donations (shoes, school supplies, etc.) or on how to become a sponsor.