“Charity” is the first pillar of Spirit of Giving’s motto. When you hear the word “charity,” you more than likely think of giving a monetary donation to an organization. However, charity is much more than just money: it is giving your time, emotions and heart to others when they are in need. Acting as an umbrella organization to more than 5 dozen nonprofit organizations, Spirit of Giving works to streamline resources to nonprofits in need, creating a collaboration, whose resources are then delivered to those who need them the most, those in the community. This, in turn, is recognized as a charity.
One Love One Community and In Jacob’s Shoes are examples of nonprofits Spirit of Giving works with to better fulfill the needs of the community. One Love One Community is a nonprofit organization that provides the community with a multitude of resources, from guidance to clothes and even sanitary napkins when school funding was cut back. For the upcoming Back to School Bash, Barbara Haider of One Love One Community is bringing a shoppable closet to the event, where kids attending the Bash will be able to pick out clothes to keep. Options will range from casual, everyday items to school uniforms and more. By partnering with Spirit of Giving and the Back to School Bash, One Love One Community is able to provide community children with an abundance of quality donated clothing.
In Jacob’s Shoes is another organization Spirit of Giving is partnering with for the Back to School Bash. In Jacob’s Shoes is a nonprofit organization that relies on community shoe donations of new or gently used shoes in all brands, sizes and functions. Based out of Broward County, In Jacob’s Shoes uses the affluent reputation of South Florida, especially Boca Raton, to its advantage in order to secure high quality shoe donations, which in turn become the shoes of a child’s dreams. In Jacob’s Shoes has partnered with Spirit of Giving once again for the 2015 Back to School Bash, and donation bins have been set up around Palm Beach County to collect shoes in anticipation of the Bash.
While both organizations work to benefit the community, it is also the community who must help these organizations; this becomes a mutually beneficial relationship. Without shoe donations, In Jacob’s Shoes cannot provide children with Jordans or Nikes. Same goes for One Love One Community: without clothing donations, they would not be able to host a shoppable closet for the children at the Bash. When the community pitches in, the nonprofits are able to collect and then streamline the distribution of resources, with the help of Spirit of Giving, to those who need them most.
To learn more about these great organizations or how to get involved, visit their respective websites, or email