“Collaboration” is the final pillar of Spirit of Giving’s motto “Charity. Community. Collaboration.” Collaboration is the basis of Spirit of Giving’s mission: without collaboration, Spirit of Giving could not help nonprofits in need serve the community. Each month, Spirit of Giving hosts committee meetings at their offices where member organizations come together to share their latest updates. From these organizations, Spirit of Giving members deduct which organizations can collaborate, or how they can collaborate with organizations in need, in other to streamline the flow of resources among organizations and to the community.
Spirit of Giving is the Official Charity Partner for the Boca Raton Bowl, which will be held on December 22nd, 2015 at Florida Atlantic University Stadium in Boca Raton, Florida. By collaborating with a large scale event, Spirit of Giving works to raise money to be used to support its member organizations, as well as other collaborating organizations.
Spirit of Giving is also collaborating with In Jacob’s Shoes as well as One Love One Community Foundation in order to supply the children attending the invite-only Back to School Bash with new or gently used clothing, shoes as well as brand new school supplies and backpacks. Collaborating amongst organizations to share resources to support a single cause means a streamlined flow of resources and a quicker turnaround time to get children the things they really need.
Spirit of Giving is looking for other nonprofits and donors to collaborate with in preparation for August 8th’s Back to School Bash. With a little more than a month before the bash, Spirit of Giving is in need of resources and funding for the event. To learn how to get involved with our exciting Back to School Bash, please email