10 Great Places to Volunteer

Having a hard time deciding where to volunteer?
Check out some of these general ideas below to figure out what you could be interested in!
  1. Animal rescue shelters: Love animals? Then this should be easy for you! Local animal shelters always need help, especially with secretarial tasks and even with services such as dog walking. Who wouldn’t want to be around adorable kittens and puppies all day?
  2. National parks: Opportunities go way beyond picking up trash – if you’re interested in nature or love history, you could volunteer to work at national historical sites and even potentially open doors to a future career.
  3. Habitat for Humanity: Habitat is a nationally recognized organization, and is a fun way to spend a Saturday with friends, family or even co-workers. In fact, Habitat is often a great team building activity! The feeling of building someone a home that they will go home to every night is potentially one of the most rewarding feelings in the world.
  4. Food pantries: Food pantries are almost always in need of donations be it food, money, volunteers, or even cooking skills!
  5. Red Cross: The Red Cross has a plethora of potential volunteer activities that go beyond donating blood that can help you boost your resume while you help others. It’s a win-win for everyone!
  6. YMCA: At the YMCA, you can work with people of all ages and races in dozens of different activities while strengthening your leadership skills. For example, love sports? You can help coach a team!
  7. Retirement homes and communities: Here, a little goes a long way. Brighten someone’s day just by keeping them company or helping someone in a wheelchair get from one location to another. Love to talk? Find a friend here who loves to listen, or vice versa. No matter who you meet at a retirement home, you’ll hear living history every day.
  8. Political campaigns: Not only is volunteering on a political campaign an excellent resume booster, it is an opportunity to learn and develop an even deeper relationship with your community and the people living in it. Make an impact on your community by helping inform your neighbors, because every vote counts.
  9. Museums: Because museums are typically government funded non-profits, they rely heavily on volunteers to do almost everything. Museums are a huge academic resource in every community. Help your community stay educated and even do a part in educating yourself (and even boosting your resume) by volunteering at your local museums. Tasks can be something as simple as handing out tickets, or even guiding tours.
  10. Libraries: Like museums, libraries often need a lot of help from the surrounding community. Volunteering at a library can help you develop a lifelong appreciation for literature and reading. Volunteer tasks may include helping with book check out, organizing, or you can even see if they need graphic design help for flyers and other marketing materials.