Volunteer Appreciation Week: Best Ways to Show Gratitude to your Volunteers

Volunteers work hard for your organization all year long. Volunteer Appreciation Week is the time to thank them. Here are just a few ways to show your volunteers that you are grateful for them!

•Write a thank you note

You don’t have to be excessive when thanking your volunteers, a simple note can go a long way. It ensures your volunteers that you appreciate them!

•Feature them on social media

Show off your volunteers to the world! Write a quick post about their accomplishments and achievements while working with your organization.

•Feed them!

People always appreciate free food, especially when they are working hard all day. Whether it’s coffee, donuts, or sandwiches, they’ll be thankful for it.

•Offer to be a reference for them

Volunteers work hard for your organization and one of the best ways to thank them is by offering to write them a letter of recommendation or to be a future reference for a job.

•Remember their birthdays!

You can give them a card, get them a cupcake or just tell them “Happy Birthday!” Volunteers will be pleasantly surprised that you remembered!

•Let them share their ideas

You never know what suggestions your volunteers could have for your organization, so once in a while let them speak their mind. They could come up with some great ideas!

•Present awards

“Volunteer of the Month” is a great award you can give to your most outstanding volunteers. It’ll show them that you recognize their hard work and make them feel appreciated more.

•Plan a social event

It doesn’t hurt once in a while to plan an event where all your volunteers can have some fun and get to know each other more. Order food and organize games for them to enjoy!

•Allow them to grow

Provide feedback to volunteers and give them the opportunity to advance in the organization. This will show them that they are more to you than just another volunteer.

•Most of all, be kind

Being nice to your volunteers may not sound like a lot, but saying a simple thank you or greeting them each time you see them could make their day!

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