Seeing Isn’t Just Believing: The Importance of Eye Exams

Most people associate a trip to the eye doctor with dilated pupils and making sure your prescription for your glasses is still accurate. However, eye exams are important and are much more than just determining whether you need eyeglasses or contacts. In fact, eye exams are essential for people of any age and health!
During a routine eye exam, the doctor will check to see how your eyes function as a “team,” check for common eye diseases and assess your eyes as an overall indicator of your health. Did you know your eyes can be an indicator of whether you have a disease like diabetes or high blood pressure? The doctor checks your retinas as well as the blood vessels in your eyes, which can be determinants of early onset of diseases.
Eye exams for children are especially important to ensure normal vision development and academic success. Often many children with eye problems will not complain of vision problems because they do not know what “normal” vision is. Undetected vision problems can cause children difficulty with their school work, hurting their academic development and achievement.
To ensure that at-risk children have absolutely everything they need to succeed in a new school year, free vision testing will be available at Spirit of Giving’s annual Back To School Bash. Additionally, free prescription lenses and frames will be provided to children and their families who need them. To learn more about the August 8th event to be held at the Village Academy in Delray Beach or about sponsorship opportunities, visit the Back to School Bash page.