Speak Up for Kids Palm Beach County

Non-Profit (budget greater than $100,000)
LaCosta, Coleen - Executive Director  
Speak Up for Kids Palm Beach County 
205 North Dixie Hwy., Suite 2.2104 
West Palm Beach, FL  33467
p. work 561-408-7779  
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Keywords: Guardian ad Litem, advocacy, best interest, children, dependency, foster care, relative caregiver, foster, adoption, volunteer
Description: Speak Up for Kids of Palm Beach County, Inc. (SUFK) is committed to reaching 100% advocacy for every abused abandoned or neglected child in Palm Beach County by championing the Guardian ad Litem (GAL) program and volunteers who advocate for the physical educational and emotional best interests of our kids & ultimately break the cycle of abuse, violence, crime and neglect one child at a time. We accomplish that mission by partnering with the 15th Judicial Circuit GAL to assemble a team that includes an attorney, a case coordinator, and a volunteer child advocate. This team works side by side throughout the dependency proceedings, following the child during their stay in the foster care system. Children with an advocate are more likely to be adopted, reunited with their families or placed in permanent situations. While they are in the foster care system, volunteer child advocates are able to provide these children with the necessary resources to help them have a typical childhood.

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