Daughter of Zion SDA Church

Non-Profit (budget greater than $100,000)
McCoy, Lawanna - Children's Ministries Director  
Daughter of Zion SDA Church 
501 Foresteria Dr 
Lake Park,   33403
p. work 5615177331 work (5615177331)  
c. cell 5615177331 
f. fax  
Keywords: School, community programs, at-risk students
Description: Daughter of Zion SDA Church is a non-profit church with various volunteers who work to make a difference in the lives of families within the community. From feeding the homeless to hosting community events, we are working towards reaching our goals in providing their needs. In addition, we offer free food and supplies (as available) during hurricane season. We also have a school with nearly 100% Haitians and at-risk students.

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